Tasting LA

This year for my father-in-law’s birthday, we headed to a new place in Pasadena that we’d only heard a few reviews about. A casual burger place, Big Daddy’s Fire Grill sits on the corner competing with the In and Out Burger and not much else nearby. There is parking in a lot behind the restaurant and some street parking as well around the neighborhood. We arrived on a Friday evening around 7 and were able to grab a large table inside to fit our party of seven. However, the patio looked like the real place to be and was crowded throughout the night. Inside, the restaurant smells like a wood-burning fire. I thought BBQ and was surprised that really wasn’t the basis of the menu. The menu is vast and filled mostly with burgers and sandwiches. I decided to order the pork tenderloin sandwich instead of going with the typical burger but then I was tempted to make it a combo with some garlic fries. Everyone else in my party ordered a burger of some kind or another except for one bratwurst. There were mixed reviews on the hamburgers and bratwurst but I can only speak for the sandwich. Get the sandwich! The pork is slow roasted to tender perfection with rosemary and clearly the same wood-chip smell that is in the restaurant. You can taste the smokiness in the meat and it pairs well with the aoili. I didn’t notice the garlic in the roll which is one of their signature items but I just loved the sandwich. I went on about it all night and by the end everyone was thoroughly annoyed that I ordered it and not interested in hearing more. The garlic fries were very garlicky but not as overpowering as the ones you get at Dodger Stadium. I thought it was a nice contrast but between the fries and the sandwich the meal was incredibly filling. I would’ve gladly shared the sandwich and just had a few fries from my husband’s plate.