Mr. Pasadena

Make Room for Big Daddy’s Fire Grill!


I am here to tell you that Big Daddy Fire Grill is going to be your new guilty pleasure
By MR. PASADENA Published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | 8:18 AM
I had just placed my order at the walk up window at In-N-Out on Foothill Boulevard and suddenly there was this smell that captivated me, it was coming from the old Mexican taquiera.
When I turned around there was smoke coming out of the stove pipe and it smelled good! I looked at my order and I knew that it would be some time before they called my number. So just like any other curious bystander I welcomed myself to the front door of this under construction establishment.
I introduced myself to the proprietor and asked him what that amazing smell was. He in turn beckoned me to step further into his new restaurant. It turns out he had a wood fire grill. What are you cooking? He said “Well nothing yet, but the health inspector has allowed me to turn on my wood fire grill.” I thought to myself how genius that was that somebody was grilling with wood instead of gas burners. The wood alone can bring such flavor to meats. I said, “That is amazing!”
I looked around with an unsure smile because it dawned on me… is this man bringing another burger to Pasadena??? I mean, who doesn’t like a good burger??
Over the years Pasadena has been blessed with some of the best burger joints in the United States. In fact, some the very first burger franchises have made their roots here. Today Pasadenans are often found arguing about who has the best burger in Pasadena. Is it Pie and Burger? Is it Lucky Boy? Is it Wolfe Burger? Is it The Counter? Or is it that quintessential Southern Californian favorite In-n-Out? Everyone has a favorite and everyone is passionate about how good their burger is. I guess It is safe to say that there is no more room in Pasadena for another burger joint, burger franchise, or burger eatery . Right??
So when Dennis Constanzo (the owner) said that he was bringing gourmet fast food to Pasadena, I almost didn’t hear him. Hopefully I didn’t give him that look like Gary Coleman’s character in Diff’rent Strokes gave his older brother, you remember that “what you talkin’ about Willis?” look. I mean who brings another burger to Pasadena let alone a whole line of gourmet fast food? You have to be crazy foolish or you must be crazy smart.
Pasadenan, friends from other cities and family, I am here to tell you that Big Daddy Fire Grill is going to be your new guilty pleasure. It is the real deal. Looking at the menu, it is destined to bring the burger crowd and the foodie crowd together at the same table. I am convinced that everything on the menu from their Dawgs and sausages, their mindboggling filet mignon steak sandwich, as well as their wood fire grill sandwiches and burgers are going to be hit.
Oh and that burger I keep talking about…just imagine 100% Angus beef that is never frozen, hand crafted into a burger patty and then placed on a wood fire grill achieving a wood char that gives the meat a divine smokiness. Now imagine the price..$4.95 for their “Classic Burger”!? To me that is hard to beat in this day and age when you walk into some burger joints and you can’t walk out without paying $12 for a burger. Did I mention that they also serve beer and wine? They even have their very own Big Daddy’s Bock.
All I can think about is the big screen TVs throughout the restaurant, your friends from the office watching basketball, Monday night football, NHL hockey and eating some gourmet fast food!! Or maybe like so many of us you are looking for that new place that has that sizzle. This is your new place Pasadena. This is your new favorite place. It’s cozy on the inside, but there is plenty of seating on the outside under their shaded awning.
So let me be the first to welcome Dennis Constanzo and Big Daddy’s Fire Grill to the neighborhood. Thank you, Dennis, for taking the time to make me a believer in your vision of gourmet fast food. I am looking forward to the soft opening on December 1st and your eventual grand opening on December 8th!
Big Daddy’s Fire Grill, 2122 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena. (626) 796-1266.