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Created with your health and taste buds in mind, Zenware knows that is just as crucial as the food itself. The tools and methods you use to prepare your meals can alter how your body feels. Zenware aims to equip you with the finest tools you have to prepare easy and delicious meals, all while keeping your healthy lifestyle in mind. For your next barbecue party, equip yourself with Zenware to supply a tasty and unforgettable experience for you, your household, and visitors. Unleash your appreciation for fun, simple, and safe cooking with Zenware.

Nothing brings people together like tasty home-cooked meals, and with Zenware Meat Claws, you can pull, tear, and present tenderly pulled pork – and more – for all to take pleasure in. The Zenware Meat Claw is made from sturdy polycarbonate, constructed to manage hard meats and tough heat from your . Utilize it from preparation to the final touches: tenderize your choice meat, grab and turn it on the grill, then tear and pull with ease due to its ergonomic grip deals with. With Zenware Meat Claws within your reaches, shredding meat is no longer as lengthy or strenuous, and clean-up is easy since they are , suggesting more time feasting with your family and friends. Zenware Meat Claws are terrific for pulling pork, chicken, beef, and more, and make a fantastic addition to any kitchen area, whether you are a newbie or a barbecue connoisseur.


– Dishwashing machine safe
– Made from durable sturdy polycarbonate
– Heat-resistant from 212 to 428 ° F
– BPA-free.

  • 1 - Zenware Set of 2 Shredding Handling & Carving Meat Forks
  • Dimensions: Total Unit: 4.5"x 4.5"x 1" each / Claws: Length - 1.75"
  • Pull, tear, shred, tenderize, grab and flip meat with ease using Zenware Meat Claws
  • Multi-use meat handler, great for pulled pork, barbecue, chicken, pork and more - ergonomic grip handles make pulling and shredding meat quick and easy
  • Made from heavy-duty, heat-resistant, BPA-free polycarbonate that is dishwasher safe