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Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Sale Price: $347.04
(as of 05/24/2018 11:42 UTC - Details)
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The Finest Pizza you can purchase without breaking the bank. Our oven reaches temps over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, cooks fresh pizzas in minutes. WPPO Oven includes: Deluxe Pizza Peel, rocker design Pizza Cutter, 4 oz sauce ladle, 12″ Pizza Pan, stone and a Cover that can be utilized as a luggage. Wppo Hybrid is a cross from High Dollar Wood Fired Pizza Ovens and their more economical competitors. WPPO Gives you the very same high temp cooking and wood fire flavor for much less money while preforming better than the low dollar rivals for around the same loan. Our Turbo Draft Air Induction System Allows WPPO to burn hotter and recover heat quicker between pizzas. So more great pizzas in less time. The TDAIS likewise allows for reaching cooking temperature level faster and easier lighting of your wood pellets. WPPO Down Draft Flame System makes for regularly cooked pizza from the middle to the edges as our flame box directs heat into the proper burning patterns to assure a best evenly prepared pizza. WPPO has actually included a few other brand-new functions to set it’s self apart from the competition. We offer a Analog high temp thermometer to monitor temps while cooking. We have added a flame viewing door, in the primary door for you to check out the oven and examine the flame without losing all your heat. and we have likewise included insulation around the fire box to keep heat in and temps cooler around the outside of the oven.

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