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Party Griller 32″ x 11″ Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbecue Grill

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(as of 11/15/2018 07:35 UTC - Details)
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BBQ like a professional! Produce succulent, juicy and finger-licking excellent barbecue with this 32″ long shaped . This grill is specifically created so that shorter yakitori design skewers can sit on both sides of the grill, enabling meat in the center to be prepared right in the center of the heat.

Gone are the days that your skewers are just half cooked when the wood sticks are beginning to burn! Traditional grill’s heat is concentrated in the center of the grill. On one hand, putting skewers on the edge of the grill will only cook the top portion as there’s where the skewers call the heat. On the other hand, placing skewers in the center of the grill will risk having the wood stick burned entirely. It is tough to discover a perfect balance to prepare skewers on a traditional grill. An 11 inches width grill solves the problem. Since this grill is 11 inches broad, skewers can hold on the edge so only a little part of the wood skewer is exposed to the heat. Not just it’ll cook the meat perfectly in the middle, the skewers are away from the heat and can be turned with ease. If you have longer skewers, merely slide over the top grate and place skewers directly over fire for contact-less barbecuing. Not having food stuck onto the grate indicates no teared chicken wings skin, damp and juicy barbecue!

With air ventilation style on both ends of the grill, air flow can be quickly controlled and heat will be equally dispersed throughout the grill. In addition, the grill has a charcoal-holding grid at the bottom so your hot charcoal keeps up and is not snuffed out by the ashes it creates.

Needless to state, this grill can be quickly cleaned up with a garden hose pipe. Fold-able legs style saves space so that the grill can be easily saved in the trunk.

Get this grill today and become the grill master of your very own yard, pool side, tailgating celebration, park picnic, camping, day at the beach and a lot more!

  • RUST-PROOF AND WARP-PROOF, - Made of Commercial Grade 18 gauge, 3/64 inches Inside and Out. Size of Grill (L x W x H) : 32" x 11" x 7" (Bottom Vent 2.5" Height, Charcoal to Grill Grate 4.5" Height) / Grill with Stand (included) 32" x 11" x 34". 11" Width includes 1" hanging edges, Charcoal area is 10" wide. Item comes pre assembled, very minimal assembling is required.
  • VENT CONTROL ON BOTH SIDES - This BBQ Grill features easy to adjust vent that controls heat intensity and create even air circulation throughout the grill. Eliminate hot spots with this easy to use charcoal grill! Split grate designed for versatility. Easily move charcoals around and choose to use only one grate and use open area for contact-less grilling as needed.
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY DESIGN - Rectangular grill makes grilling Yakitori, Satay and Kebab a breeze. Shorter Yakitori Style skewers can be hanged from both sides. Traditionally these Skewer Grills are made of iron. Stainless Steel design makes it light and portable, yet maintain its functionality. Bring this Portable Grill to the park or use it as Camp Grill!
  • BARBECUE GRILLS AT ITS BEST - Also called a Portable Mangal Grill, this stainless steel grill is perfect for any Skewers, Shish Kebab, Lamb Kebab, Shashlik, Japanese Yakitori, Malaysian Satay, Thai Satay and Chinese Lamb Skewer (羊肉串) Makes Juicy Shish Kebab, Shashlik, Spiedini on the Skewer.
  • EXTRA BONUS - Set of 2 Stainless Steel Seasoning Shakers, perfect for your custom BBQ seasoning spice blend. High Quality 12 inch Scissor BBQ Tongs. That's $10 in value! This grill comes with two 11"x16" Stainless Steel Mesh Grill Grate, covering the entire 32" x 11" grill. Genuine PartyGriller items will be shipped from California.