OATONE Instant Read Thermometer, Digital Fork Thermometer BBQ Food Meat Thermometers with LED Screen and Long Fork for Grilling, Barbecue,

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Product Features

Are you frustrated with serving raw or overcooked food?

  • Meat type settings: this barbecue thermometer fork comes preprogrammed for beef, lamb, pork, chicken and . Just choose what you are and this meat temperature fork will tell you the perfect temp for it.
  • 4 Meat taste settings: our digital fork thermometer contains 4 meat taste settings. You can choose well done, medium, medium rare or rare as you like, and there is an audible alarm beeps when your meat is perfect. Never make under-cooked or over-cooked food again!
  • Instant and accurate reading: our instant read digital thermometer applies the acute probe sensor technology which allows you getting fast and accurate readings in (5-8) seconds.
  • Long fork and easy-grip handle: our digital BBQ fork is made of 16" probe and long easy-grip handle, keeping your hands safely away from the grill or fire and prevent your hands being burning.
  • Wide temperature range: reading temperature of our temperature fork ranges from -5°C (-41°F) to 100°C (230°F), which makes this thermometer an ideal tool for barbecue, , cooking in the kitchen, oven baking, etc.

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