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Ninja Single Serve Cup Set

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(as of 10/19/2018 08:21 UTC - Details)
Product Description
Product Features

Ninja Single Serve Set, 16-Ounce for BL770 BL780 BL660 All Pro 4 Tab Blenders

  • One Ninja Cup Set: Two clear cups with gray lids
  • Ninja replacement boxes -These are Not store returns or liquidation items
  • Single Serve 16 ounce cups with FOUR TABS. Look at the pictures to confirm the cups you are replacing have four tabs and has a base like the last picture
  • These cups fit these model number blenders. (The model number is located underneath the base of the and must start with a BL) : BL660 (1100 watt), BL663 (1100 watt), BL740, BL770 BL771 BL772 (1500 watt), BL780 (1200 watt), BL810 BL820 BL830
  • Do not order if you are not sure...some smaller Ninja blenders (Pulse) have 3 tabs and A Ninja Blender that did not originally come with single serve cups will not work with single serve cups