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Medium Point Art Permanent Paint Pens

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12 Colors Acryilic Paint Marker Pens
White, Pink, Red, Orange, Dark Yellow, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver

✈ The best ways to Utilize
Put the idea up and shake the marker slightly for several times
Carefully push the tip up and down to pump the ink
Start to produce with these dynamic colors and reveal your passion.

Working nearly on any surface including: canvas, metal, pottery, wood, plastic, stone, polymer clay, ceramic, , porcelain, resin, paper mache, leather, watercolor paper, rock, poster board and more!
Create gorgeous personalized presents such as ornamental mugs for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any unique Holiday. You will love the vibrant colors and durable surface.

✈ Specifications:
-Total Length: Approximate 145mm
-Line Width: Approx 2-3mm
-Weight: 10.5 oz
-12 x Deco Markers
-1 x Boxed Packaging

✈ Caution:
-Kids must be accompanied by adult to use it properly.
-Please storage it in positions where children could not reach.
-Not for children under the age of 3.

  • ❤ Acrylic paint markers were designed to be the world's most innovative and versatile paint markers. Featuring highly pigmented, solvent-free acrylic paint ink, they can be used to add colorful writing and embellishments to virtually any surface, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, and wood.
  • ❤ Acrylic Paint Markers Vivid 12 Colors: White, Pink, Red, Orange, Dark Yellow, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Each marker is filled with vibrant opaque colors made from high quality vibrant acrylic colors
  • ❤ The acrylic-based paint ink is fast-drying,Nontoxic,permanent, opaque,Water resistant,UV-resistant, and even mixable! Suitable for indoor and use
  • ❤ 2mm round tips that are accurate and easy to control; perfect for painting semi-bold medium-weight lines & larger details.Safe for Use Variety of Non-Porous Surfaces, Including Chalkboards,Chalkboard Paint, Glass, Mirrors, ,PlasticCeramic, Rock, Metal, Wood, Fabric,easily drawing your favorite lines
  • ❤ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Ideal for artists & art students, teenagers & adults.