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Bid Farewell to Bothersome Old Ironing Boards

Extra yourself the hassle of needing to retrieve and set up your old made ironing board every time you require to push a wrinkled garment and start using our portable magnetic ironing instead. Our magnetic ironing mat instantly changes non-wood flat surfaces into a convenient ironing board. Using this mat eliminates the need of a cumbersome ironing board, conserving you time, space, and loan.

Long Lasting, High-Heat Padding Prevents Surface Damages

The padding of this mat is made from a fine grey quilted polyester-cotton material that is designed to withstand high heats up to 500 ° F. This makes sure that you can iron your garments without damaging the padding itself or the surface area below. The padding includes four durable sewn into each corner. These magnets will connect to any metal surface area you place the mat over, offering you a safe hold while you iron.

Shop It Away In Between Utilizes, or Keep it Atop Your Clothes dryer

The mat measures 32 1/2″ x 17″ so it should fit fully atop a lot of standard sized washer or dryers. The lightweight however flexible design allows the mat to be rolled up, folded flat, or hung up between usages for space-saving storage. Its portability makes it ideal for travel also. If can also function as a hassle-free cushioning protector for your washer or dryer all year, keeping the leading outsides safe from dust, scratches, and other small surface damage.

SUGGESTED: Utilize this on tough surfaces such as washer and dryer tops. We strongly recommend that you avoid utilizing this straight on wood or plastic!

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  • TRANSFORM FLAT SURFACES INTO AN IRONING BOARD. Our magnetic ironing mat instantly transforms non-wooden flat surfaces into a convenient ironing board. Its padding is made from a high quality quilted polyester-cotton fabric that can withstand high heats up to 500°F. Each corner of the mat contains a heavy-duty magnet that attaches itself to any metallic body surface for a secure hold while you iron.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN ALLOWS IT TO BE TAKEN ANYWHERE. The mat measures 32 ½" x 17" so it will fit completely atop most standard sized washer or dryers. Its lightweight but flexible design allows the mat to be rolled up, folded flat, or hung up between uses for space-saving storage. It also doubles as a convenient padding protector for your washer or dryer tops, keeping the surface safe from dust, scratching, and other minor surface damage.
  • PERFECT FOR SMALLER SPACES AND TRAVEL. This mat serves as a clever alternative to traditional ironing boards, proving especially valuable to those who reside in studio apartment, dormitories, RVs, or other smaller living spaces that may not be able to facilitate bulky ironing boards.
  • DURABLE ENOUGH TO HANDLE ANY SIZED JOB. Whether all you need is a quick touch up on a garment after it's been pulled from the dryer, or you are tackling a load of heavier garments, this ironing mat can handle any sized ironing job. Its portability makes it a perfect traveling accessory, anywhere you may roam. RECOMMENDED: Use this on hard surfaces such as washers and dryers. We advise to avoid using this directly on wood or plastic!
  • 90-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We offer a No Hassle 90-DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, within the first ninety days, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you all your money.