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Heated Smart Travel Mug

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TechTools Retro Style Heated Travel Mug

Sipping your in the house is an excellent way to wake yourself up in the mornings, however eventually, you are going to need to leave the house and head off to class or to your job. While the coffee remains great and hot in the house, it starts to lose its heat the longer it is in a standard , leaving you with lukewarm coffee during your commute and cold coffee once you have shown up at your location.

With the Retro Style Heated Travel Mug, you can enjoy hot coffee all day through the self-heating power it has.

The Retro Style Heated Travel Mug is a heated travel mug that uses a 12 volt charger to keep it warm. This means that you can take it with you on your commute and keep it charged in the car to ensure it remains hot. Thermal insulation traps in the heat in this heated travel coffee mug to make sure that no heat gets away.

Its has an easy on and off toggle switch will let you save the power reserve when you are far from the battery charger to keep the mug lasting all day long.

The Retro Design Heated Travel Mug also provides a non-slip rubber base that permits it to sit comfortably atop any desk, work surface area or cup holder, guaranteeing you won’t need to fret about it getting overturned and spilling everywhere. Completely portable and self , the Retro Style Heated Travel Mug goes any place you go.

  • PLEASE NOTE: the mug is intended to keep your beverage warm at your desired temperature and to heat up lukewarm drinks but not to boil cold drinks, During transit the AC adapter is placed inside the mug to protect the item.
  • PLUGS INTO YOUR CAR CHARGER Take this self heating travel mug along with you anywhere and use the 12 volt charger in your car to keep it warm to and from work, school and other locations.
  • HELPFUL ANALOG INDICATOR With this travel mug, heat levels will be indicated on the nifty analog indicator.
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE Don't worry about this heated coffee travel mug getting knocked over on the desk or in the car; it has a rubber base designed to keep it upright.
  • 12V Auto adapter included / Recommended For Auto use only