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FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

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FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

Wide-mouth jar sealer fits on pint-and
FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

quart-size, wide-mouth, Mason-type jars. view bigger< img src =""width ="300"height=" 300"alt= "FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer"/ >

FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

Works with any FoodSaver heat-seal vacuum sealing system with an accessory port (maker not included

FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer

). view larger BPA-free, stain-resistant, and

dishwasher-safe design. view bigger

Produces an air-tight vacuum seal. Ideal for liquids, vulnerable foods, and dry foods. view bigger FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Container Sealant Creates an Air-Tight Seal Don’t just close those Mason-type containers, make them air-tight with aid from this wide-mouth container sealant from the experts at the FoodSaver brand name. The useful one-piece accessory fits on pint-and quart-size, wide-mouth, Ball and Kerr Mason containers to develop an effective vacuum seal that locks out air, sealing freshness in. Re-seal those handy food-storage jars once again and once again, using a standard Mason jar lid and the FoodSaver jar sealer.

Easy to Use

The container sealer deals with any FoodSaver vacuum sealing system (maker not included). Merely link one end of the jar sealant to the maker’s device port and the white, round-shaped end to the top of a lidded Mason container, so that it fits firmly over the screwed-on lid. With the push of a button, the system quickly extracts all the air from inside the jar, pulling it out through the flexible tubing to form an air-tight seal.

Perfect for Liquid and Dry Storage Alike

Though not to be used as a replacement for conventional canning methods, the FoodSaver wide-mouth container sealant works well for safely storing strawberry and blackberry jams, chocolate sauces, hot mustards, and other liquids and fragile foods. It’s equally efficient for keeping dry foods like brown sugar, aromatic spices, dried fruit, and baking flour.

Keeps Food Fresh up to 5x Longer– Save approximately $2700 a Year

The FoodSaver jar sealer keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer when compared with other storage methods (like zipper bags, foil, plastic wrap and plastic containers). The FoodSaver system can likewise help you save up to $2700 a year by purchasing food in bulk, buying on-sale food items, and not having to stress about burn or squandered food.

BPA-Free and Design

The jar sealer guarantees convenient, dependable efficiency from one use to the next. Made with BPA-free plastic, the wide-mouth container sealer is odor-proof, stain-resistant, and simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

About the FoodSaver brand name

The FoodSaver brand name supplies a series of vacuum sealing systems and an array of useful accessories like containers, jar sealers, and wine-bottle stoppers as well as pre-cut freezer bags and rolls of bag material for creating custom-size bags. An effective and practical food-storage solution. The FoodSaver brand name not just helps individuals conserve time, loan, and food, however it also helps keep kitchens running smoothly and effectively– for busy households or for those who like to entertain.

FoodSaver Products vs. Ordinary Storage Techniques

FREEZER Regular Storage FoodSaver System
Beef, Game & Poultry 6 months 2-3 years
Fish 6 months 2 years
Soups & Stews 3-6 months 1-2 years
Coffee Beans 6-9 months 2-3 years
Veggies 8 months 2-3 years
Bread 6-12 months 1-3 years
REFRIGERATOR Regular Storage FoodSaver System
Cheese 1-2 weeks 4-8 months
Lettuce 3-6 days 2 weeks
Berries 1-6 days 1-2 weeks
KITCHEN Normal Storage FoodSaver System
Flour & Sugar 6 months 1-2 years
Rice & Pasta 6 months 1-2 years
Cookies 1-2 weeks 3-6 weeks

Works with the Following FoodSaver Systems


FSFRSH0051 V2244

V3240 V3460


V4840 Manual/Automatic Operation Handbook Manual Handbook Fully Automatic Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
Cordless, Compact Handheld
Functions with Heat Seal Bags & Rolls
Airtight Heat Seal
Extra-Wide Sealing Strip
Patented Detachable Drip Tray
Device Port
Beginner Set Consisted Of
Moist/Dry Food Settings
Built-in Roll Storage & Cutter
Adjustable Speed Settings
Automatic Bag Detection
Automatic Moist/Dry Detection
Marinate Capabilities
Cylinder Mode
Accessory Button
Built-in Retractable Accessory Hose
Functions with Vacuum Zipper Bags
Retractable Handheld Sealant
Easy Gain Access To Pull-out Drip Tray Drawer
  • For use with wide-mouth standard size mason-type jars and lids
  • Re-vacuums jars easily. Plastic air tube not included
  • Great for liquids, sauces, fragile foods and dry goods
  • Air-tight and odor proof
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free