Equinox 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

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Fed up with flimsy that choose not to cut?

Steaks, chops, and chicken grilling on the barbecue – is there anything much better? Your mouth waters in anticipation of cutting into those lovely, juicy cuts of meat and you can’t wait. However when you sit down to consume, your steak simply isn’t up to the task. An excellent steak knife should slice through your steak with ease, have a tough, healthy manage, and keep its edge. If your steak knives aren’t providing these simple requirements then it’s time to replace them.

We developed our Equinox steak knives to be sharp, healthy, durable, and stylish. Everything you want in a steak knife. The stainless-steel, full-tang blades are sharp, hold their edge, and resist rust and deterioration. The Dark Wood deals with are strong, long lasting, steady, and a stunning addition to your table. All this includes up to a trendy set of sharp, strong steak knives that won’t let you down and you’ll be using for several years.

Product Specifications:

– Total Length: 9 inches

– Blade Length: 4.75 inches

– Blade Width: 1 inch from reinforce, 1/2 inch from narrower end of blade

– Manage Length: 4.25 inches

Our Client Complete satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

We guarantee all of our products and this knife is backed by a Life time Producer Service warranty! What do you need to lose?

So fire up the grill and throw on some steaks! Scroll up and click the Include to Cart Button to get your Equinox Steak Knife Set delivered today.

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Equinox brings to you the finest set of Pro-quality steak knives available in the market. Painstakingly crafted out of High Carbon German stainless steel our serrated, full-tang blades slice through all cuts of meat easily. Whether you like your steak rare, medium rare, or well done, this set will have you more than covered to enjoy a fine piece of steak.
  • FULL TANG BLADES: Unlike cheaper alternatives, our knives have a Full-tang blade. This means they are crafted out of a single piece of quality steel that runs from the tip of the knife, through the handle. Full-tangs provide a good balance, comfortable hand fit, and durability to the knives.
  • AESTHETIC: Not only have we designed the finest pair of table knives to perform well, but they are just as equally appealing to look at. Carved from Stylish Dark Pakka-Wood handles, and fixed with 2 high gloss rivets, these knives will catch the attention of everyone at the dinner table. Hand wash recommended to keep wood handles looking beautiful and new.
  • LUXURY PACKAGING: The Equinox 4-Piece Steak Knives Set is packaged luxuriously in a sleek, black sleeve case. Slide the sleeve off your new set of knives and feel the premium quality which we strive to bring to our loyal fans. Great gift for weddings, house-warmings, birthdays or your favorite cook.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Easily the best set of knives one can buy, at an affordable price, we have also gone the extra mile and made a statement to stand behind our knives. Not only are you covered under a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee, but you are also entitled to a full Lifetime Warranty! Try the finest set of steak knives risk free now.