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Copper Titanium Coated Electric Non-Stick Griddle

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Work up breakfast for the entire gang or grill your preferred meats, all with one basic turn of a knob. This BELLA Frying Pan with Copper Ceramic Titanium Covering allows you to go from keep warm to 400 degrees providing you the option to cook virtually anything you would cook on a range while utilizing less energy. This versatile surface area is BPA Free and features specialized Copper Titaniun non-stick covering which is highly durable and cooks faster than the standard finishings. Much safer than a range, this system has heat defense so you never ever need to fret about over . Not to discuss, it is very simple to clean. Fully immersible in , simply toss the cooking plate in sink for ultra simple cleaning

  • Special Ceramic Copper Titanium coating is 8 times more durable and cooks up to 30% faster than standard non-stick coatings
  • Ultra durable coating is heat resistant up to 850 degrees and metal utensil safe
  • Heathly-Eco coating does not contain harmful chemicals & is PTFE and PFOA free
  • All types of foods release from the large family size non-stick griddle surface with ease making this a true non-stick surface
  • Removable heating probe, cooking surface can be fully immersed in water and soap for simple clean up