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Cajun Fryer 4 Gallon Deep Fryer – Review, Video, and more

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Cajun 4 Gallon Deep Fryer With Stand And 2 Baskets. FF2-R + FF2-T. Deep Fryers. This portable 4 gallon Cajun Fryer has 2 baskets to keep up with the need of starving party-goers at bbqs, tailgating celebrations, fish frys and other outdoor events. Each basket can hold 8 – 10 catfish filets at a time and can feed 25 – 30 people per hour including fish, french fries and hush pups! The specially developed burner/ flue is placed 6 inches above the bottom of the oil reserve and is at a 45 degree angle, preventing the food batter from collecting on the heating aspect and allowing it to be up to the bottom of the tank. Since heat increases, the fire burning within the burner/ flue is able to safely heat up the oil for , while the temperature below it never gets hotter than 120 degrees, so it will not burn or scorch the batter. This keeps the oil tidy so that you can utilize it consistently, providing you an estimated 70 percent reduction in oil usage. The thermometer on the front enables you to monitor your oil temperature level. A drain valve is situated near the bottom of the reserve for easy cleaning. For portability, it comes with a stand with 8-inch wheels.

  • Large capacity cooks enough to feed 25 - 30 people per hour
  • Keep an eye on your oil temperature with the thermometer located on front of the deep fryer
  • Unique design keeps oil from burning
  • Includes 2 fryer baskets with stay cool handles
  • Made in USA